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Plug-and-play AML & KYC solution for a blockchain business
Proper AML monitoring is a headache for any financial institution. Working with digital assets and complying with Swiss and European AML regulations make such a business even harder. In order not to be overwhelmed with the daily routine and still accurately identify risks, we have invested over a year of team’s work in order to create the right solution - FinchGuard.
With FinchGuard in place, you are backed with a robust AML / KYC / KYT system that allows you to stay safe and compliant with the rapidly-changing regulation.
FinchGuard is an automated AML, KYC/KYB, and KYT solution that helps you
  • collect necessary individual, company and shareholders data for verification
  • provide automated enhanced due diligence mechanisms and on-going monitoring
  • process real-time in-depth transaction monitoring (KYT) and risk assessment
  • produce regular regulatory reports
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